Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue WA

Monday, November 14th, 2016

1:00-5:00pmConference Workshops


Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

8:30am-5:30pmCheck In and Registration
9:00am-9:15amOpening Remarks
9:15am-10:00amKeynote: Hanna Wallach
10:00am-10:30amCoffee Break
10:30am-12:30pmPaper Session 1: Politics, News, and Events
12:30pm-2:00pmLunch Break
2:00pm-3:00pmLightning Talks 1
3:00pm-3:30pmCoffee Break
3:30pm-4:30pmLightning Talks 2
4:45pm-5:30pmKeynote: Matt Salganik
5:30pm-7:30pmPoster Session* and Opening Reception sponsored by UW eScience


Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

8:30am-5:30pmCheck In and Registration
9:00am-10:15amPaper Session 2: Privacy, Health, and Well-being
10:15am-10:45amCoffee Break
11:00am-11:45amKeynote: Kristina Lerman
11:45am-2:00pmLunch Break
2:00pm-3:00pmPaper Session 3: Networks, Communities, and Groups
3:00pm-3:30pmCoffee Break
3:30pm-4:30pmPaper Session 4: Privacy, Health, and Well-being
4:45pm-5:30pmKeynote: Meeyoung Cha
6:30pm-8:00pmConference Banquet sponsored by Leidos


Thursday, November 17th, 2016

8:30am-5:30pmCheck In and Registration
9:00am-9:45amKeynote: Joshua Blumenstock
10:00am-11:00amPaper Session 5: Markets, Crowds, and Consumers
11:00am-11:30amCoffee Break
11:30am-12:15pmKeynote: Tina Eliassi-Rad
12:15pm-1:30pmLunch Break
1:30pm-3:00pmPaper Session 6: Networks, Communities, and Groups
3:00pm-3:30pmCoffee Break
3:30pm-4:30pmPaper Session 7: Politics, News, and Events
4:30pm-4:45pmBest Paper and Poster Awards, Best Reviewer Acknowledgement
5:00pmConference Close

Paper Session 1: Politics, News, and Events:

  • Examining Community Policing on Twitter: Precinct Use and Community Response
  • The Dynamics of Group Risk Perception in the US After Paris Attacks
  • Determining the veracity of rumours on Twitter
  • PicHunt: Social Media Image Retrieval for Improved Law Enforcement
  • TwitterNews+: A Framework for Real Time Event Detection from the Twitter Data Stream
  • Uncovering Topic Dynamics of Social Media and News: the Case of Ferguson
  • Identifying Partisan Slant in News Articles and Twitter during Political Crises
  • Population mobility and risk of HIV acquisition in a rural South African population

Paper Session 2: Privacy, Health, and Well-being:

  • Mobile Communication Signatures of Unemployment
  • Identifying Stereotypes in the Online Perception of Physical Attractiveness
  • Analysing RateMyProfessors Evaluations Across Institutions, Disciplines, and Cultures: The Tell-Tale Signs of a Good Professor
  • How a user’s personality influences content engagement in social media
  • Semi-supervised knowledge extraction for detection of drugs and their effects

Paper Session 3: Networks, Communities, and Groups:

  • On Profiling Bots in Social Media
  • A Diffusion Model for Maximizing Influence Spread in Large Networks
  • Lightweight Interactions for Reciprocal Cooperation in a Social Network Game
  • Continuous Recipe Selection Model based on Cooking History

Paper Session 4: Privacy, Health, and Well-being:

  • Detecting Coping Style from Twitter
  • User Privacy Concerns with Common Data Used in Recommender Systems
  • Using Social Media to Measure Student Wellbeing: A Large-Scale Study of Emotional Response in Academic Discourse
  • EmojiNet: Building a Machine Readable Sense Inventory for Emoji

Paper Session 5: Markets, Crowds, and Consumers:

  • Preference-Aware Successive POI Recommendation With Spatial and Temporal Influence
  • An Effective Approach to Finding a Context Path in Review Texts Using Pathfinder Scaling
  • Event Participation Recommendation n Event-based Social Networks
  • How to find accessible Free Wi-Fi at Tourist Spots in Japan

Paper Session 6: Networks, Communities, and Groups:

  • How Well Do Doodle Polls Do?
  • Bring on Board New Enthusiasts! A Case Study of Impact of Wikipedia Art + Feminism Edit-a-thon Events on Newcomers
  • The Social Dynamics of Language Change in Online Networks
  • On URL Changes and Handovers in Social Media
  • Comment-Profiler: Detecting trends and parasitic behaviors in online comments
  • Educational Migration from ex-USSR to Russia. Social Media Data

Paper Session 7: Politics, News, and Events

  • Predicting Poll Trends using Twitter and Multivariate Time-series Classification
  • Inferring Population Preferences via Mixtures of Spatial Voting Models
  • Contrasting Public Opinion Dynamics and Emotional Response during Crisis
  • Social Politics: Agenda Setting and Political Communication on Social Media

Lightning Talks 1:

  • Localized Prediction of Retweet Behavior in Online Social Networks
  • Social Influence: from Contagion to a Richer Causal Understanding
  • Influence Maximization on Complex Networks with Intrinsic Nodal Activation
  • Network-Oriented Modelling and its Conceptual Foundations
  • What am I not seeing? An Interactive Approach to Social Content Discovery in Microblogs
  • Targeted Ads Experiment on Instagram
  • Validation of a computational model for mood and social integration
  • The Market Structure For Innovation

Lightning Talks 2:

  • DeBot: Twitter Bot Detection via Activity Correlation
  • A Holistic Approach for Predicting Links in Coevolving Multiplex Networks
  • Analyzing Large-Scale Public Campaigns on Twitter
  • On the influence of social bots in online protests. Preliminary findings of a Mexican case study.
  • Spiteful, One-Off, and Kind: Predicting Customer Feedback Behavior on Twitter
  • Empirical Analysis of Social Support Provided via Social Media
  • The Verbal Tone of the 2016 Presidential Primaries: Candidate Twitter, Debate, and Stump Speech Rhetoric
  • Document-level Sentiment Inference with Social, Faction, and Discourse Context

* Note for poster presenters:┬áThe poster session will take place on Tuesday evening, November 15th. Upon checking in at the registration table, please submit your poster. The poster should be on foam board and measure 3’x4′. If you are in need of printing assistance, the nearest copy center is:

FedEx Office Print & Ship Center
10635 NE 8th Street
(425) 455-3434